Let’s Talk: Financial Adulting

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so let’s give it up for that new hot Avocado sensation, Let’s Talk! Today’s topic is about money. Specifically, how we as “adults” try to balance our budgets so that we can spend our hard-earned cash on expenses such as cats and booze, which seem to be the two big things we’re all mostly into.

Maybe you’re still trying to figure our how to balance a budget, you’re struggling between spending money on your rent or that steelbook release of Ernest Gets a Prostate Exam, or perhaps you spend too much on tacos (has there been an a greater injustice than the inflation of taco prices?). Either way, allow this to be the space to commiserate about our shared ennui regarding the need to save money and be practical with how we spend it.

So Let’s Talk about how difficult it can be at times to be fiscally responsible when you consider yourself to be still a child.


Happy May the Fourth you bastards!