Jeopardy! recap for Fri., May 4

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., May 4 – Please welcome today’s contestants:

– Julie, a film data coordinator from Los Angeles, CA, who participates in an Oscars fantasy draft;
– Jessica, a biologist from Cleveland Heights, OH, who studies insect brains, but not those like Alex’s; and
– Josh, a network engineer from North Little Rock, AR, who wears a special dog tag. Josh is a two-day champ with winnings of $50,485.

Film fan Julie rallied to the lead in the Movie Remakes category, but left $3,000 on the table by only betting half of her $6,000 total on DD2.

As a possible result, she wound up short of two-thirds of Josh’s score going into FJ, so she would have to be right while Josh missed in order to win. The totals were Josh with $25,800, Julie at $16,200 and Jessica with $6,000.

DD1 – BIBLICAL LIFE & DEATH – The Book of Daniel mentions false accusers in Babylon being devoured by these beasts (Josh won $3,000)

DD2 – MOVIE REMAKES – Yul definitely know this 1960 remade version of “The Seven Samurai” (Julie won $3,000)

DD3 – CIAO, CASSINI!- On its journey to Saturn, Cassini carried the Huygens Probe which parachuted to the surface of this moon in 2005 (Josh won $6,000)

FJ – LITERARY HELPERS – Passepartout, whose name means “go everywhere”, is the fittingly named aide in an 1873 tale by this author

Everyone was correct on FJ, breaking the three-game streak of Final futility. Josh added $6,601 to win with $32,401 and a very impressive three-day total of $82,886. Josh will be back after the conclusion of the upcoming two-week Teachers Tournament.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew that a bad boxer can be described as leading with one’s “chin”.

That’s before our time: The players didn’t know Columbo’s four-word catch phrase, “Just one more thing…”

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What are lions?
DD2 – What is “The Magnificent Seven”?
DD3 – What is Titan?
FJ – Who was Verne?