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The Thursday Politics Thread Strikes Out

Morning Politocadoes!

We say goodbye to Ty Cobb, no not the AL home run leader and base stealer, but his distant relative,  the  leader of the President’s legal defense in the Russia affair and victor in the White House Mustache Wars, has left his position. He is expected to be replaced by Emmett Flood, a prominent conservative attorney best known for his work on the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings, representing Dick Cheney in the Valerie Plame civil lawsuit, and Hillary Clinton during her e-mail controversy.

With the departure of Cobb, the gloves are said to be “coming off”. A line so rote you’d think it came from some hack screenwriter. The Trump Administration is expecting to become more combative with the Special Prosecutor going forward. Putting aside that interference in an investigation about obstruction of justice rides the line of obstructing justice, I’m betting on Mueller’s team. Mueller, former FBI director, US attorney, and US Marine who served in Vietnam, has already assembled a murderer’s row of prosecutors and has had a year and change of work on the case. Hiring one competent lawyer does not a game change make. Particularly if President Good Brain is gonna continue to blow up legal defense strategies.


Welcome to Thursday everyone! Please be excellent to each other. The Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect no matter what stupid and hateful thing he might do today.

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