RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10: Episode 7 Discussion Thread

Hey, Miss Vanjies!

Last week saw the queens bid farewell to Blair St. Clair, who despite delivering a solid performance of “I’m Coming Out” lost to The Vixen, who lived to compete another day. I wasn’t entirely sold on Blair at first, but she quickly proved herself as one of the strongest competitors this season, and her heartbreaking revelations last week contributed to an emotionally powerful departure.

Condragulations to miss Eureka, who won her second challenge in a row — and deservedly so; she was fantastic in last week’s Drag Con panel challenge and had a stunning, high-fashion look for the (overall very strong) hat-themed runway.


This week is the much-anticipated Snatch Game, which typically is when the season frontrunners come into focus. Make sure to stay around for Untucked after the show.

As always, this thread is for discussing the show, but not everyone is able to watch it at the same time. Therefore, please use discretion when discussing specific spoilery details of the episode and Untucked (challenge details, queens’ performance, top/bottom placements, etc.) Having everything spoiler tagged isn’t necessarily conducive to a proper discussion, so use your judgment. If you want to discuss the season 10 queens outside of their performance on the show (eg. videos they’ve made), feel free to do so without spoiler tags.

In the words of Tatianna: thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!