The Campaign for Camelot: Chapter 1

Hey everyone, ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts here! If you know me, it’s probably from Werewolf. What you may not know is that when I’m not playing Werewolf (or working at my day job), I make webseries. (Just to be clear: I write and direct the webseries. I do not act in them. I am not good at acting.)

My latest series, The Campaign for Camelot, tells a modernized version of the fall of King Arthur, where Arthur is a conservative suburban school board president, and his son Mordred is a student at the local high school, who is convinced by a group of activist classmates to run against his father. The story is told through the characters’ in-universe vlogs.

It’s a pretty long series, with short (usually 2-10 minute) episodes airing twice a week, but it was designed so that every 10-15 episodes form a cohesive arc. The first of those arcs just finished up, so I thought I would post a round-up of the episodes so far! If you’re interested in Arthurian legend, coming-of-age stories, romance, activism, LGBT representation, or just seeing the things I’ve made, I’d be delighted if you gave The Campaign for Camelot a try.

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Episode 1

Nelly takes her new camera for a spin.

Episode 2

Kay uses her friends to demonstrate some fashion dos and don’ts.

Episode 3

Izzy and Hannah get a wonderful idea! Nelly is less enthused.

Episode 4

Izzy speaks truth to power. Loudly, and with great dramatic flair.

Episode 5

Kay needs Gavin’s help to get through a very frightening shoe vlog.

Episode 6

Camelot has a lot of problems, and if they can’t film them, Izzy and Vicky are at least going to let you know about them.

Episode 7

Izzy and Mordred run into each other, and Izzy gets inspired.

Episode 8

Izzy announces his plan.

Episode 9

Kay is concerned about Mordred’s recent behavior.

Episode 10

A fellowship is formed!