“Go Tina on the Mountain” Bob’s Burgers S8 E15

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 15
Go Tina on the Mountain
Grade: A

Bob’s Burgers plays the ‘run away into the wilderness’ card twice in three episodes and it… kinda works? Really well this time. Bob and Linda going from sleeping on the couch to drinking and trashing the house was a great use of the kids all being away (Teddy excepted).

Tina and Gene throwing hatchets? Yes please. The ongoing theme of no-one giving Tina privacy finally getting center stage? Pretty good. Even Teddy’s being proud of the Belchers despite the (apparently) neighborhood-wide smell was really amusing tonight.

Cry Me A Silver
Semi-Urgent Care

La Femme Ni-Squeek-a

The Paprika Smurf Burger
(comes with potato fries)

Random Observations:
• “They called him Bobby Belch Bottoms.”
“Who was that kid, dad.”
“No one you know!”
• “Sausage? Tree.”
• “Thanks we don’t speak wind.”
• “And how has this not replaced golf?”
• “I’m going to get you, hermit. And/or missing kids.”