Best Worst Movies Tournament: Round Two

Thirty-two films didn’t make it out of round one, but the remaining entries represent a leaner, meaner kind of bad.

  • Closest bracket: Bubble Boy (2001) vs. Hudson Hawk (1991), 19-18.
  • Biggest blowout: Con Air (1997) vs. Battlefield Earth (2000), 57-17.
  • Both the oldest film (Reefer Madness, from 1936) and the newest film (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, 2017) were eliminated.

Feel free to leave comments, but don’t comment in the brackets themselves, to make voting easier. This round will stay open for a few days, to let people get votes in.

I was also asked in the nomination round exactly what a “best worst movie” is. While I want to let people define that for themselves, for the sake of clarity I’ll say that it’s a movie you enjoy because you think it’s bad. What fits in that category is up to you.

Full bracket here.