Riverdale S2E18 “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember” Liveblog



Last week on High School Musical: The TV Series, Kevin’s thottyness came in handy once again as he knew a secret passageway into the insane asylum that Betty, Toni and Ronnie used to save Cheryl. Then Toni and Cheryl finally kissed. It was adorable.


Cheryl once again accidentally ruined Josie’s life by demanding she be Carrie in Kevin’s rendition of Carrie: The Musical (oh god)

lets be real, it was only  matter of tim before they did a Musical episode

Chic Franco is finally gone, for now, after Jug and the Serpanta saved the Coopers from a couple of adult street toughs.

Archie is still out here gangbanging


who the fuck is the black hood