Scott OT #57: The David Lynch Header Series Concludes with This Night Thread (4/17)

Well, here we are. My multi-month series cataloging the filmography of David Lynch comes to an end after delays both boredom-induced and WordPress fuckery-induced. For the grand finale, I’m doing last year’s best TV show, Twin Peaks: The Return.

Following up on the original series, The Return has several intersecting plotlines. Among them are:

-BOB, now in Cooper’s body, raising hell.

-FBI agents Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield, and Tammy Preston, as well as Cooper’s former Assistant Diane, go looking for clues on the Cooper doppelganger.

-Meanwhile, Cooper’s soul has taken residence in another Cooper doppelganger, a simple man named Dougie Jones.

-While all of this is going down, the residents of Twin Peaks are up to their own business. Some have improved with age like Bobby while others are just the same like Jacoby.

Twin Peaks: The Return is one of the greatest achievements in television history. After Mulholland Drive, it’s my favorite work from Lynch (no small feat). It’s filled with powerful moments, both triumphant…


…and tragic…

…and just wonderful.

The absolute highpoint of the series was, without a doubt, the now infamous Episode 8 which had… this:

It’s just an amazing show and I’ve watched it multiple times I love it so much.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night and thanks for spending so much time reading my nonsense.

Rankings of David Lynch’s works:
1.) Mulholland Drive
2.) Twin Peaks: The Return
3.) Blue Velvet
4.) Eraserhead
5.) Twin Peaks
6.) The Straight Story
7.) Inland Empire
8.) Wild At Heart
9.) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
10.) Lost Highway
11.) The Elephant Man
12.) Dune