A Series of Unfortunate Events: S2E4 “The Ersatz Elevator: Part 2”

Every Tuesday, we explore and discuss the unfavorable and sorrowful story of the Baudelaire Orphans and there ever present tormentor, Count Olaf.

Never just someone as far as you can throw them. For one average weighted human to throw another average weighted human it would be less then a meter, as far as one could stretch their arms across the shelf for the last canned herring. For two children and their toddler sibling it would be far less so. Alas for the Baudelaires this was advice they did not follow, but who could blame them when Esmé Squalor is the first Guardian to believe them of their plight. Sadly though instead of Count Olaf in jail they find themselves pushed into the Count’s very clutches again, or net as the case may be, and the stinging laugh of betrayal by the person mean’t to protect them.

But through wit, grit, and a strong set of teeth, they escape the tangle of captivity while the villains tangle themselves. But in their escape the Quagmires are whisked away, taken to a most Vile place. But the Baudelaires still will not rest to find their friends, no matter how many misleading mackerels contain them. And once again they find themselves Guardianless, and escorted by Dr. Poe to the middle of nowhere.


Ersatz Examinations:

  • “Sorry for being suspicious sir. You can’t be too careful with an actor on the loose.” There’s a Randy Quaid joke hiding here. Probably in Canada.
  • The actor for Klaus, Louis Hynes, really knows how to sell a scream.
  • “Esme: Bananas aren’t in.”

    “Olaf: Mmmmmm We’ll see about that.”

    Unless my mind is completely in the gutter (and let’s face it, this is the Avocado) I can not read this as anything else then Sexual Innuendo. It is the most blatant example of it in a For all Ages show since the Three-Heads joke on the Flintstones.