The Toybox: Displaying Your Collection

There are two questions I have for today’s discussion:

  1. How do you display your figures or whatever?
  2. How would you PREFER to display your toys?

Me, because my collection is a “working” collection (my kids play with them), it’s basically a bunch of functional shelves for vehicles, and cloth bins for the the figures.  Accessories are stored in three plastic fish tackle boxes.

My plan is to have a small curio cabinet for my high-end 12″ collector figures (grand total of two).  The rest of the figures…I don’t really know.  Before I had kids, I had pine boards with small brackets, covering entire walls with the figures all displayed.  It was okay when I was a young man, but now, I don’t think it would cut it.  And honestly, I have no idea what I’ll do with all these Star Wars figures and Superhero figures and Military guys and Monsters and whatnot when the kids have outgrown it all.  I guess I’ll store them…but at the same time I can see a period in my life where I don’t want all this shit cluttering up my small house.

As for alternate displays…what kinds of toys do you have on your work desk (if you have one)?  The header image is my Shin Godzilla that sits atop my work CPU.  Feel free to share pics as well.