The Fri-Day Thread Wonders if You Smell That Cookin’

It’s Fri-Day‘s Thread. Not the weekend, quite yet. That smoke and light over the horizon might be the Sun, or it might be the gables burning… but, then again, it is probably just some delicious food frying.


Nummy-nummy-nummy-num… fried food.

If you are vegetarian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or otherwise unpredisposed to meat from cloven-hooved beasts, please, by all means, picture the above as frying tofu strips, or something else more appealing to you.

I can’t myself say I prefer the flavour of grease, but the smell of something frying, or grilling, or baking, or otherwise cooking… now there‘s a sweet savour.


Happy Frying Day Thread, everyone. Just remember how close the weekend is.