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Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom: The Occasional Education Thread. Topic: Parents!

Hello educators and education  – adjacent workers!

It’s time for another round of the very occasional Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom  thread where we get to complain and bitch and brag and stuff!

If you are not an educator, or do something related for your job – please  limit yourself lurking / reading/ listening and upvoting. This is a space for the professionals.

*Some of us pros are also parents, so lines are blurred. There is a parental thread on the weekly menu ( tho it’s like twice a month now) if non -educators want to discuss what’s happening here. Or go to the OT.

Today’s topic:*


All of us educators want to do the best for our kids as we see fit, and often there is a huge difference in home / school culture. Parents can be a huge help, or the exact opposite- or just super confusing!

Tell some stories about parental interactions and how you handled them. Successes? Failures? Asking advice? *

*it’s only a suggested topic, share lesson plans or whatever.