“The Never-Ending Stories” American Dad! S15 E9

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 9
The Never-Ending Stories
Grade: B+

A great Stan monologue with his family desperate to escape him was a fabulous intro to the episode. Tasering Steve… spider eye… great stuff. Stan’s weaponized, (horrifyingly) boring life paid continual dividends throughout.

Klaus as a hype man was mildly entertaining up until the prolonged denouement of getting in over his head, a rare low point in an otherwise entertaining episode. Spy Kids 3, the synchronized dancing, little bits like Stan cutting the tucan in half with his machete like jungle foliage… the only other sour note was Roger being a bit of a boring killjoy, which was out of character.

Random Observations
• “They call me Professor X.”
“Because you look exactly like-”
“Because I’m always trying to sell them Ecstasy.”
• “I think this might be a gluten thing.”
• “Fuck it lets stick with magnets.”