Shoeless Trivia: TV Doctors

Witness the triumphant return of Shoeless Trivia. I plan on resuming posting daily but I find myself increasingly employed these days so I may have to cut back if the time monster comes nipping at my heels.

I could dive back into the deep end and do a round on 13th century Flemmish madigrals, but I’m going to take it easier on myself and do TV doctors.

  1. What physician with questionable motives is the anti-hero of JD’s screenplay?tvdocs
  2. After a hard day of medicine womaning, Dr. Michaela Quinn came home to her three adopted children. Name any one of them.
  3. What real life licensed physician has played a doctor on TV but is better remembered for roles as incompetent Spanish teacher and as a clothing averse gangster?
  4. Doctor Gregory House, though often presented as a virtual omnimath, officially has two medical specialties. Name both.
  5. Name any one of the three actors who made the transition as series regulars from MASH to After MASH.

  1. Dr. Acula
  2. Matthew, Colleen, Brian
  3. Ken Jeong
  4. infectious disease, nephrology
  5. Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, William Cristopher


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.