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The Most Morally Reprehensible Movie You Enjoy

Hey, many of us are movie buffs, right?  And as movie buffs that live in these interesting times, we frequently watch movies that are loaded with dated attitudes, racism, sexism, and some truly twisted content.  Movies from decades ago represent norms that are, upon the slightest amount of reflection, downright horrifying.  Sometimes, films were dumped on when they were released for being toxic in their content, but often times movies from certain eras get away with much more than they should have.  And sometimes, a movie from even a few years ago will have an attitude or turn of phrase that is thrown into uncomfortable context by shifting attitudes.

So, here is a space to reckon with movies that we admire or enjoy, but we know they represent some detestable content or express the film maker’s worldview in ways that reveal far too much of the dark inner workings of their mind.

My questions:

  1. What is your favourite movie that you would characterize as being morally repugnant?
  2. Is it necessary for you to agree with a film’s intent in order to fully enjoy a film?
  3. Do you feel that authorial intent is an important part to understanding a film?
  4. What are some films that represent a total disconnect between authorial intent and final product?  Expand upon this one if you feel so inclined, and how that disconnect impacts the film and your feelings about it.