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Film Noir Tournament Round 2

Upvote only your pick in each match-up.

Voting begins one hour after the Day Thread goes up, and ends when the Night Thread gets here.

Pay tribute to the fallen: Notorious (64), Sweet Smell Of Success (63), Pickup On South Street (62), Sin City (61), The Naked City (60), Sorry, Wrong Number (59), Body Heat (58), Bound (57), Rififi (56), The Asphalt Jungle (55), I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (54), White Heat (53), Red Rock West (52), Alphaville (51), Croupier (50), Kiss Me Deadly (49), Minority Report (48), Detour (47), Dark Passage (46), Scarlett Street (45), Drive (44), The Grifters (43), Mildred Pierce (23), Se7en (24), The Lady From Shanghai (40), Taxi Driver (39), The Man Who Wasn’t There (27), Dark City (28), In A Lonely Place (29), Le Samourai (35), Blade Runner 2049 (34), and Gilda (33).

Be patient while I set the brackets, and grab ahold of something tight. This next round is guaranteed to be a heartbreaker.