Werewolf 57: Society – Day 4/Final Day

It is the year 1989. People disappear all the time in Beverly Hills. They disappear, and they come back different. Or they never come back at all. They’re the people that don’t fit in, that don’t belong, that don’t serve…society.

Janiece Van Lanbrook loved teaching. Maybe she didn’t make as much of an impact on her students as she had hoped. Maybe she was lacking in “personality” and “charisma” and also was “inordinately suspicious.’ In her own words, she expected to be unfairly maligned and summarily killed. And in spite of all that, you know what she wasn’t? Resentful. Spiteful. Petty. She carried on with a calm integrity that truly allowed her to stand out from the pack of wild individuals investigating the mystery of Beverly Hills’ dark heart, and she deserves to be admired for that. Unfortunately, what makes you stand out will sometimes be what gets you killed. When she got home, that Thursday night before Ted The Tycoon Ferguson’s pool party, she found a mysterious, masked figure standing in her kitchen, brandishing the same blade that killed Ricky Powerglide.

It was the serial killer haunting their city streets, and the halls of Beverly Hills Local High, who had oddly remained under the radar in all of these recent events. Perhaps they resented people who had derailed the collective efforts to overthrow the conspiracy of High Society. Perhaps they had an insatiable bloodlust disconnected to personal motivation. And perhaps they had really wanted to kill the precocious child detective but had rightly concluded High Society was already going after her. Whatever their motivations, they struck swiftly and without mercy in that kitchen, felling the friendly teacher with an understated seventeen frenzied stabs to the abdomen and face.

Janiece Van Lanbrook (Forget it Jake) is dead. She was (Vanilla Town) an innocent Civilian of Beverly Hills.


Nobody could stand guard for her that night. She had no chaperones or alibis or anything else to protect her. Her family knew she was in danger. Her TV network knew she was in danger. Lindsay knew she was in danger. And so in the dead of night, she was spirited out of Beverly Hills onto a private plane to the tropical setting of the next season of her TV series, Lindsay Goes Hawaii!, before the guardians of High Society could get to her. Lindsay regretted leaving her friends behind, and hoped the best for them. Just as much as the illustrious writer guiding her hand from the heavens desperately hoped that everyone understands why she as a survivor of childhood violence is not comfortable writing the death scene of a thirteen year old girl. She offers a charming video in recompense.

The World’s Greatest Precocious Child Detective, Lindsay Funke, has disappeared. She was the Teen PI (Cop).


ROLES (Subject to changing over time and overlapping)

  • 1 (Vanilla Town) Innocent Citizens of Beverly Hills
  • One Mysterious Returnee
  • One Armed Citizen (Jailkeeper) who will stand guard outside one person’s home at night to ensure nobody goes either in or out.
  • One Serial Killer entirely separate from the conspiracy of Beverly Hills. A threat to everyone, but also possibly a solution.
  • Two Members of High Society. (Wolves) Undercover saboteurs meant to protect and preserve the secrets of Beverly Hills at any cost. Their influence is great and dangerous.



1. Indeee – Derek InDeego

2. Admirax – Amber Mariens

3. Zecko – Andrew Norris

4. HolsGG – Brenda

5. Platypus Basileus – Reaganomics Lamborghini

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My games operate on a primary principle of low difficulty/learning-curve and intensive commitment to role-playing, to developing the characters and narrative while abiding by the rules and having fun with the game itself too.

Understand that period/location accuracy in your language is less of a priority than commitment to the psychology and motivations that you develop for your characters and to remaining in character.

Please continue to role-play even as the gameplay begins to ramp up!


Twilight is at 7 PM PST/9 PM CST on Friday April 6.