The Tabletop Thread Ventures Into the Hollow Earth


Good morning, tabletop RPG gamers! Welcome to the currently, but not likely permanently, weekly thread to discuss tabletop role-playing in all its forms and foibles.

Feel free to discuss character ideas, funny anecdotes from your most recent session, commiserate over cruel GMs or stupid players, and anything else that tickles your fancy, so long as it’s RPG related. Just be nice to one another and follow the site rules.

Optional Discussion Topic: The Hollow Earth is a staple of pulp fantasy; from Pellucidar to Skartaris the Hollow Earth has provided gamers with the opportunity to fight Nazis riding Dinosaurs for decades. Even D&D got into the Hollow Earth act with their Mystara setting. What’s your favorite Hollow Earth setting? Have you any particular great memories of a Hollow Earth adventure?