“The Hurt Soccer” Bob’s Burgers S8 E12

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 12
The Hurt Soccer
Grade: A+

Bob and Louise triumphing at something that they initially hate? Louise and Gene in musical genre heaven? A perfectly contrasting pairing. Louise’s increasing late blooming competitiveness with regards to sports has been fun to see. Bob and Linda playing high stakes thumb war, Tina trying to key a car… there were all sorts of nice character moments.

And the songs were great too. I unambiguously love “If you see something say something.” and the piano bar. It actually makes sense for once that Linda and Gene be swept away by the magic of one of there scheme’s happenings and almost burn the place down. Lots of great little plot driven and derived jokes throughout.

Sleep Tight
Small Mattresses

Crimes & Mouse-Demeanors

The Wasabi With You? Burger
The Heirloom Where It Happens Burger

Random Observations:
• “Oh, and get all my dresses and wigs!”
“Oh, what will you wear?”
• “Uh- evil child.”
• “Oh- forget about that shoelace. You’ll have to cut it off.”