Ash vs. Evil Dead, S3, E6: Tales from the Rift

I think these guys flunked Sumerian 101.

Oh, Kelly. Poor, poor, Kelly. She just had to go to confront Ruby on her own, to avenge Brandy’s mom, what happened to Pablo, all of it. And now she is fucked. She put up quite the battle with Ruby; shooting her, blowing her up with a grenade, but Ruby got the upper hand because Kelly came alone and she got ahold of the Candarian dagger during the fight after breaking her ankle, killing poor Kelly. But that wasn’t the end of it; not by a long shot. You see, now she’s using Kelly’s body as a vessel since she was killed by the Dagger and “the darkness is in her now.” She wants her to help drive Brandy over the edge, and she may not even need to find that demon portal after all.

Evil Kelly

Ash and Brandy have been making nice since they bolted from the cops.  (And she’s the best damn cook this house ever had; she toasts Pop Tarts!) She’s still not 100% convinced on Miss Prevett/Ruby, considering how nice she’s been to her. But their bond is strengthening, and that’s wonderful to see.Brandy 2

Then the Knights of Sumeria show up and they head to the cellar of the hardware store. They’re thrown a bit of a curveball when Ash admits he no longer has the Necronomicon, but that Ruby does. In the meantime, Pablo realizes what he went through in the past episode actually happened when going through a box of the Brujo’s stuff, and realizes shit’s about to get loco up in this bitch when he hears yelling and sees visions from one of Ash’s hardware store ads.

Zoe, one of the knights, deduces that in dear, departed Gary’s writings on the cellar wall, he may have found a way to open a rift and left it for them to find. Ash (in a flashback to the original film franchise) comments that he’s been in rifts before and it never ends well. But this particular rift is a passage between the human sphere and the deadlands. Fun! Not for Ash though, he doesn’t want to do this whole eternal thing considering he’s fifty*cough* years old and just wants them to go on without him. Pablo shows up and is able decipher the incantation with his newfound El Brujo Especial powers. He opens the rift up and Marcus, one of the Knights, jumps in on a recon mission and is spit back out… in Deadite form. He attaches fellow Knight Peter to him, and a battle wages on between the world’s creepiest Deadite diprosopus parapagus twins. They’re taken care of, because Ash is clearly the only one capable of demon killing (but Pablo did try!) Zoe is the only Knight left, Ash tasks Pablo with finding a way to close down the demon poop chute, and Ash reunited with his daughter. And Kelly. Only it’s not Kelly, not anymore. And evil Kelly has the dagger, and it’s not hard to imagine what she plans on doing with it.


Again, as a wise brujo once said, shit’s about to get loco up in this bitch.