The 1925 “Ben-Hur” Night Thread

In honour of the 1925 silent epic Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (which I will be hopefully getting around to writing for Film Club to post this Easter Sunday!), I’ve dedicated my Night Thread posting to a phenomenally good and unjustly forgotten classic film, starring Ramon Novarro (yep, he was a Latino!) as Judah Ben-Hur himself; a tale of “the Christ” (wherein “the Christ” is represented entirely by a glowing shaft of light), which features gorgeous Technicolor photography in every scene it features derived from the Bible (but also, randomly, during Ben-Hur’s post-naval battle victory triumph), and (when you look past the saccharine rendering of Biblical scenes) is a stunning triumph of the studio system’s glamour and acting styles.

Directed by Fred Niblo. (This blurb written by me.)

Truly, the King of Night Threads. Have a safe Pesach and Easter, everyone.