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Tuesday Politics Thread Takes a CPR Class

My favorite — and by that I mean the thing that has left me shaking my head the hardest — thing from this past weekend was Rick Santorum’s assertion that marching to demand stricter gun control is not “doing something”, and that instead all that energy would be best served at home, citing CPR classes as an example.

But this kind of made me think of another, larger phenomenon that I’ve run up against lately. Now, here, I don’t have to explain why Santorum’s idea is stupid, because it’s so blatantly stupid. But for some of those on the other side, they either can’t or won’t see that, and when I try to explain it, words fail me, because it’s so damn obvious that I never ever thought about how to explain it to someone. See also: why are school shootings bad; why are Nazis bad; why is Russian interference in our elections bad; why is Trump’s utter lack of interest and experience bad; etc etc etc.

Either all those people are just that stupid, or they’re playing stupid because they think it will score them political points (because it’s all a game, you see), and I don’t know which possibility bums me out more.

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