The Tabletop RPG Thread Rolls a d12

Effects of Long-term Exposure to the Avocado

roll 1d12
1. Paranoiac hyper-vigilance: reduced sleep requirement/accelerated aging process, shifty eyes, constant perspiration
2. Rapid onset full-body hair loss
3. Total color blindness: visual acuity increased by several megapixels
4. Sallow, sickly appearance, unhealthy anti-glow: reduced charisma
5. Absorption of trace airborne elements triggers coarsening of skin: as leather armor, temporarily painful w/dexterity reduction
6. Olfactory enhancement: picking up the subtleties once ignored, chance of surprise reduced, negated by exposure to fresh air
7. Politics Thread depression: emotional responses muted, adrenalin tolerance through the roof, enhanced resistance to fear, panic
8. Ration starvation: vitamins/minerals missing from feed, weight loss, bad breath, immune system compromised (saving throw penalty)
9. Low light vision enhanced, negated by re-acclimation to full daylight
10. Message board pragmatism: atrophy permanently erodes empathy, compassion, regard for sanctity of life
11. Systemic fungal infection: increases strength and constitution, occludes thought process
12. Total acclimation: electronic environment seems like home, real life just an increasingly vague memory

With apologies to Jason Sholtis

Welcome to the Tabletop RPG discussion at The Avocado. Talk about your current campaign, ask questions you’ve always wanted to ask but have been afraid to, share your tips and tools for making your game better, hell, your OP is even up for game theory wankery. Just be polite and follow the site rules.

Optional Discussion Topic: What role do random tables play in your game? Do you find that they disrupt your carefully crafted story, or do you love the inspiration jump-start they can provide?