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The Monday Politics Thread Is Ready For Its Close Up With President Mojo

I considered making this about Stormy Daniels, and the truly depressing story of her relationship with the Spineless One running America right now, but as I sat there last night, wishing for death, I realized that this prurient examination of a demented /pedophiles sex life is just the latest in what will most likely be an infinite chain of horrors and humiliations. President Mojo, seen here, at play with some local youths,


is a grotesquery that in a sane society, would only be visited upon those found guilty of the most heinous crimes, as a sort of poetic punishment for crossing a line that must not be crossed by civilized beings. Instead, in America, he gets to crouch in the White House, shitting endlessly on our heads and in our souls. That in mind, I don’t want you to despair, in part because I semi-seriously think despair makes him stronger, as that negative emotion is the meal upon which the beast feeds nightly, restoring himself to the picture of sickening ab-health that he is, but also because despair is a bad thing.


Nor do I want to cultivate your misanthropy, to make you think that this can’t be won, or survived, or even mitigated. The truth is, we’re doing a lot better than most people thought we would be doing at this point in the Mojo presidency. Yeah, a lot of bad things are happening, but the Mojo Interregnum has broken through American political apathy in ways I didn’t think were possible. As much as our fascist opponents would like the opposite to be the case, the American people are showing every sign of waking the fuck up. This might not be the end of the world, as even though we find ourselves contemplating the visual of President Mojo naked, we realize that the simple fact that we can joke about this is itself a victory. As long as we have our senses of humor, the bastards haven’t won. So laugh, Avocados. Laugh, and keep looking for the humour in all of this.

Stay strong people. Stay strong, love yourselves, and don’t give in.