“Sleeping with the Frenemy” Bob’s Burgers S8 E11

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 11
Sleeping with the Frenemy
Grade: A

Tammy is awful. The absolute worst. Giving her and the Belchers a study in close contrasts left me wondering how long the show would take to bother to give her her redeaming quality. But having the whole thing being about Tina getting a boyfriend and Tammy ‘earning her badge’ was a stroke of genius, as if gives Tina a great ‘growing up’ moment where she symbolically decides which she wants more as a question of identity.

By Tammy getting forcibly integrated into the Belcher Borg, she helps prove that the shenanigans the kids get up to and their own internal logics that they develop, are irresistible. Little details, like the four states that one can stand in at the same time are ‘California, Hawaii, Canada, and Chicago,’ or the store and exterminator titles, helped the episode come together. This is how you write and plot a show.

‘The Wizard of Gauze’
New and Used Bandages

They Termite Be Giants

The Olive What She’s Having Burger
The Rosemary’s Baby Spinach Burger.

Random Observations:
• “Is that the sound you make when you’re happy? It’s horrible.”
• “Whatever, hippie.”
• “Where’s the rest of Michael Cane you monster!”