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Friday New Music 3/23/18

Another week of new music that might be good or might be disappointing or might be my new favorite thing to exist.

Things on my radar for 3/23/18, with, I dunno, thoughts:

Sunflower Bean: Twentytwo In Blue – Honestly don’t know them that well but it’s what I’m most looking forward to today. Sounds like some fun, Alvvays adjacent stuff.

Guided By Voices: Space Gun

Jack White: Boarding House Reach – I mean, of course I’m going to listen to this. I’m not particularly excited to – those singles have not been good. I’m still a believer in Jack White being a cool dude despite all his dumb bullshit so, hopefully I am pleasantly surprised

Jeff Rosenstock: Post – Technically speaking this albums been out since January 1st, but I was too hungover from the night before and just about everything to be able to take in Jeff Rosenstock’s anxiety about America. Especially through some uncharacteristically long songs that were at first a little off putting. But, it looks like today is the physical release of it so it seems like good opportunity to focus some energy into it. The dude’s made two legit classics already, and is worth the work.

Pale Kids: Hesitater – Messy loud guitar dude stuff. Worth checking out at the very least because its being released by Father/Daughter Records.

Preoccupations: New Material 


As always I’m sure there’s plenty of great stuff coming out today I didn’t mention – keep me company and talk about what you’re in to today.