Snubby Awards: 1978 Results, 1977 Nominations

Sorry I’m a day late, and I’m afraid 1978 was a dollar short, as it may be the weakest Snubbies field yet. It’s possible that, apart from a certain Gentleman of Steel, the Academy got it right. Animal House won Best Snubbed Picture with only 8 votes, the lowest total in Snubby history, with Superman and Halloween just one vote behind, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Dawn of the Dead just one vote behind them.

Richard Donner won Best Snubbed Director for Superman, and Christopher Reeve won for portraying the Man himself. Jamie Lee Curtis ran away with Best Snubbed Actress for Halloween, Veronica Cartwright won Best Supporting for Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and John Cazale, whose brief, brilliant career was snubbed so hard he probably should be in the header, edged out Belushi by one vote for Best Snubbed Supporting Actor.

Legendary Jackie Chan flick Drunken Master won Best Stuntwork, while John Hurt won Best Voicework for Watership Down, and The Deer Hunter won Best Cast.

As always, past winners, nominees, and vote totals can be seen in the Google speadsheet.

Now, onto 1977, a year dominated at the box office by Star Wars and at the Oscars by Annie Hall (and TV was dominated by Roots, which is sadly not eligible here). Here are the Oscar nominees, who are not eligible for a Snubby. As always, you can suggest any film or performance not nominated by the Academy, and upvote as many as you feel are deserving. Top five upvote-getters will be our nominees, and we’ll vote on the winners next week, probably back to our regular Wednesday.

Now, here are 1977’s Oscar nominees:

Best Picture
Annie Hall
The Goodbye Girl

Star Wars
The Turning Point

Best Director
Woody Allen, Annie Hall
Steven Spielberg, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Fred Zinnemann, Julia
George Lucas, Star Wars
Herbert Ross, The Turning Point

Best Actress
Diane Keaton, Annie Hall
Anne Bancroft, The Turning Point
Jane Fonda, Julia
Shirley MacLaine, The Turning Point
Marsha Mason, The Goodbye Girl

Best Actor
Richard Dreyfuss, The Goodbye Girl
Woody Allen, Annie Hall
Richard Burton, Equus
Marcello Mastroianni, A Special Day
John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever

Best Supporting Actress
Vanessa Redgrave, Julia
Leslie Browne, Turning Point
Quinn Cummings, The Goodbye Girl
Melinda Dillon, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Tuesday Weld, Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Best Supporting Actor
Jason Robards, Julia
Mikhail Baryshnikov, The Turning Point
Peter Firth, Equus
Alec Guinness, Star Wars
Maximillian Schell, Julia