It’s OUR Night Thread now!

This could be quite the place
Full of wholesome, happy faces
Hanging out
Feeling fine
Where everyone’s a friend of mine
Inside this evil joint
Every Guac gets to the point
This thread will live in infamy
The Avocado’s history

It’s our site now!
It’s our site now!

It’s the fact you can’t ignore
Lock the comments, close the doors
It’s our house now
Raise your mugs, you thieves and thugs
Join the rabble-rousing crowd
It’s our house now!

All the Garbage Apes fit in so perfectly
Every Plugger queen gets due respect
You’ll forget your troubles, put your trust in me

You had your fun
You made your play
But every forum has his day
It’s our site now!

Down and dirty
It’s our site now!
What a party
What a place for spamming threads
Flag your neighbors
Off with their heads
It’s our site now!
Join the fun with no regrets
Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed
Get those puppies

Game over, Dik-y

Hit the road, Blowey
Take a hike, moddies

It’s our site now!
It’s our site now!