Werewolf 54: The Oscars (Day 5)

As the ceremony entered its third hour, Willem DaFoe was getting restless. He needed a smoke, and needed it an hour ago. He needed to get some air.

He walked through a maze of hallways and doors until he finally found it: an exit! He stepped into the cool night air and looked up at the stars. He felt a sense of calm wash over him as he put a cigarette between his lips. Everything would be OK. But as he reached into his pocket, his heart dropped. Where was his lighter? Damn it, had he left it in his jacket. It must be all the way inside, and he didn’t feel like making the walk again.

Then DaFoe noticed another man standing outside with him.

“Hey buddy, can you help me out? Do you have a light on you?”

The man looked at him gravely.

“Don’t you know smoking is dangerous?”


Inside, an unfazed Jimmy Kimmel took the stage. “Our next award will be presented by…. The Amazing Criswell?”

Criswell was shocked, he wasn’t aware he was presenting an award this evening! Was he finally getting the recognition he deserved?

Criswell squeezed past rows of people on his way to the stage. Damn, why had he been seated in the back of the theater? What an embarrassing situation. No matter, stay calm, Criswell!

He finally made it to the front of the theater, just one small set of steps separated him from the spotlight! Unfortunately, that proved to be too much for the 111-year-old actor. He fell off the steps to his death.

Lutair (Willem Dafoe) is dead. He was town. His star power was 0.

Captain Video (The Amazing Criswell) is dead. He was town. His star power was -1.


20 players

1 Razzie’s President (alpha wolf) – Can recruit another player, but only after one of his compatriots dies. (2 shot)

2 Razzies Voters – They’re wolves.

14 Actors – Vanilla town. Your vote is your only power.

1 Irate Actor – a specialized version of the vigilante with a special win condition. The Irate Actor’s ultimate goal condition is to kill the Razzie’s President, after which the Irate Actor will also die in a blaze of glory. If the Alpha Wolf dies under any other other circumstances, the Irate Actor will fail their win condition and perish. Note: the Irate Actor’s win condition won’t affect town’s or the scum’s.

1 Blogger – These good for nothing layabouts can read another player’s star power as a night action.

1 Secret Role – What is it? It’s a secret!


Player List:

  1. Forget It Jake – Glenn Close
  2. Owen – Sally Hawkins
  3. Admirax  – Joan Crawford
  4. Ynce Iche/Lutair – Sean Baker
  5. Indeeeeeeed – Tom Cruise
  6. Clodia/Subsaharan – Kate Hepburn
  7. Grumproro – Kardia Karlyle
  8. Colonel Mustard – J.K. Simmons
  9. Smapti Jones – Brad Pitt
  10. the good king snugglewumps – Nicole Kidman
  11. Mirage – Linda Berkowitz
  12. CaptainVideo – The Amazing Criswell
  13. DoctorNick – Mel Brooks
  14. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts – Lily Tomlin
  15. AprilLudgate – Jack Palance
  16. Mac – Maury Crocstein
  17. LovelyBones – Saoirse Ronan
  18. Robert Post’s Child – Kevin
  19. Zecko – Matthew Mcconaughey
  20. E-Dog – Eugene Cooke


1. Flaxon

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