Shoeless Trivia: Classical Music

Some classical music trivia to make your day classier.

  1. The pop song featured in the clip below is named for the genuinely fanatical adulation showered on what Hungarian composer in the 1840s?
  2. An old joke defines an intellectual as “a man who can listen to The William Tell Overture without thinking of” whom?
  3. These alliterative siblings were both composers, though the younger brother is by far the better known of the the two. Her Easter Sonata, written in 1828 but not discovered until 1970, was initially attributed to him; she did not receive her due credit until 2010. What is their shared surname?
  4. In 2000, English composer Colin Matthews wrote an eighth movement for a well known Gustav Holst suite. Unfortunately, this addition became arguably irrelevant in 2006. What was the name of Matthews’ piece?
  5. What piece of music, derived from a longer tone poem by the same composer, is used as the melody for a number of Christian hymns, including “Be still, my soul”, “This is my song”, and “A Christian Home”?

  1. Franz Liszt
  2. The Lone Ranger
  3. Mendelssohn
  4. “Pluto, (the Redeemer)”
  5. Finlandia (hymn)


Please use spoiler tags if you want to play along in the comments.