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Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Welcome to another installment of Heavy Side Up!

This week’s featured release is Coma by Modern Day Babylon. They’ve always been one of the better bands in the instrumental progressive metal scene, thanks to their impressive technical proficiency, subtle ambient elements  and interesting song compositions, but they’ve really stepped up their game with this album:

Continuing the theme of instrumental progressive metal, the next featured release of the week is Chapter One, an album by solo artist Mike Gianelli. Instrumentally complex and relentlessly crushing in sound, this album is definitely not one to be missed by fans of the genre:

For those looking for some music with vocals, the final featured release of the week is Ancient Geometry, the debut release from VEXES. This band has a rather atmospheric take on alternative metal, comparable to Deftones, and have burst onto the scene with a remarkably strong album. I imagine these guys will be going places in the future:

This week also saw an interesting collaborative album between Japanese multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino and post-metal band SUMAC, which you can check out here.

Other bands who released new albums this week were technical death metal band Alterbeast, hard rock band American Swindle, Croatian hard rock band Animal Drive, Brazillian power metal band Armored Dawn, progressive/experimental metal band Audio Construction Lab, pagan black metal band Beorn’s Hall, English stoner rock/doom metal band Black Moth, Canadian hard rock band Black Wizard, heavy metal band Blackwülf, French progressive metal act By’ce Project, Danish deathcore band Cabal, Italian death metal band Chronic Hate, Mexican doom/death metal band Closure, German melodic death metal band Contrast, black metal band Cultus Profano, German death metal band Dead Alone, gothic metal band Deathwhite, Italian black/death metal band Demonomancy, Dutch stoner/hard rock band Drive by Wire, progressive rock/metal band Dukes of the Orient, Greek death metal band Ectoplasma, German progressive metal band Eternal Journey, South African metalcore band Facing the Gallows, sludge metal band The Gemini Curse, punk band Get the Gorgeous, Italian progressive/power metal band HeavenBlast, Americana-tinged post-metal band Huntsmen, Dutch extreme metal band Kaoteon, British progressive metal band Kino, Polish doom/death metal band Maze of Feelings, Canadian thrash metal band Meet the Mailman, German industrial metal band Megaherz, prolific musician Mark Gemini Thwaite (under the moniker MGT), alternative metal artist Mick Blankenship, alternative/heavy metal band Molitium, Swedish blackened death metal band Necrophobic, Canadian metalcore/heavy metal hybrid Neverforget, alternative post-hardcore band The New Age, Italian progressive metal band New Horizons, former Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss member Nick Oliveri, Swedish gothic metal band Outshine, Lebanese thrash metal band Phenomy, Czech deathcore band Phylactery, Swedish hard rock band Reach, Swedish hard rock duo ReVertigo, Danish progressive/power metal band Royal Hunt, long-running English hard rock/heavy metal band Salem, German industrial metal band Schwarzer Engel, Czech power metal band Sebastien, post-hardcore band Secrets, hard rock band Shiraz Lane, German death metal band Sick of Sorrow, British heavy metal band Spartan Warrior, punk band Templeton Pek, folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, heavy metal band Threering, Swedish hard rock band Thundermother, hardcore punk band Turnstile, Swedish death metal band Usurpress, and new supergroup We Sell the Dead (comprised of members of In Flames and HIM, among other bands).

Additionally, there were new EPs released by alternative post-hardcore band Caught in a Wave, Australian black/thrash metal hybrid Deströyer 666, metalcore/post-hardcore band Displacement, German black metal band Eïs, German deathcore band Empathea, French symphonic deathcore band Face the Misery, thrash metal band Frost Koffin, British stoner metal band Green Lung, hardcore band Gutcheck, alternative post-hardcore band No Sunlight, post-hardcore band Sanctum & Solace, and Australian hardcore band Worlds Apart.

I also neglected to mention last week that Ling Tosite Sigure have released a new album, simply titled #5. They’re an interesting Japanese post-hardcore band whose sound has often been likened to The Fall of Troy, and while a full stream was difficult to come by, I did find an Amazon link for the album here. Lastly, a few weeks ago, a French band Black Neon District put out their debut EP, Standing Waves. They blend a few different kinds of progressive metal, combining the modern-day “djent” sound with some more melodic stylings, to deliver a more interesting, uplifting iteration of the genre, and come highly recommended.

So, what have you been rocking out to?

BONUS QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How much instrumental music do you listen to?