Werewolf 54: The Oscars (Day 1)

Ah, the glamor of Hollywolf! Everyone who’s anyone is here tonight… along with some other people. Security has received word that these less desirable guests have joined the crowd on the hallowed Red Carpet, and it’s their intention to ruin everything you’ve worked for! You didn’t spend 12 hours in the makeup chair for this (or 30 minutes putting on a tux). Stop these internet nerds before it’s too late!


20 players

1 Razzie’s President (alpha wolf) – Can recruit another player, but only after one of his compatriots dies. (2 shot)

2 Razzies Voters – They’re wolves.

14 Actors – Vanilla town. Your vote is your only power.

1 Irate Actor – a specialized version of the vigilante with a special win condition. The Irate Actor’s ultimate goal condition is to kill the Razzie’s President, after which the Irate Actor will also die in a blaze of glory. If the Alpha Wolf dies under any other other circumstances, the Irate Actor will fail their win condition and perish. Note: the Irate Actor’s win condition won’t affect town’s or the scum’s.

1 Blogger – These good for nothing layabouts can read another player’s star power as a night action.

1 Secret Role – What is it? It’s a secret!


Player List:

  1. Forget It Jake
  2. Owen 
  3. Admirax
  4. Ynce Iche
  5. Indeeeeeeed
  6. Clodia
  7. Grumproro
  8. Colonel Mustard
  9. Smapti Jones
  10. the good king snugglewumps
  11. Mirage
  12. CaptainVideo
  13. DoctorNick
  14. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  15. AprilLudgate
  16. Mac
  17. LovelyBones
  18. Robert Post’s Child
  19. Zecko
  20. E-Dog


1. Flaxon

2. Subsaharan