Werewolf 54: The Oscars

Welcome to the 54th annual Werewolf Oscars! All of Hollywolf’s biggest and brightest stars are here tonight… and some other people, too. But, all is not as it seems on the red carpet this evening; this hallowed ground is being trod upon by nefarious Razzies voters! Is nothing sacred? It is your job to sniff out these vile nobodies to save your good name… and your life!

The Werewolf Oscars is intended to be a “back to basics” game of Werewolf, and would be appropriate for a beginner. Although there will be specialized roles, it is my hope that players will be reliant on strategy and logic.

This game will also feature a special mechanic called STAR POWER. STAR POWER will affect how many votes it takes to automatically lynch an individual player. A player with high star power will be harder to kill in an autolynch scenario. Conversely, a player with low star power will be easier to autolynch. Not every player will be affected by this modifier. 


18 players

1 Razzie’s President (alpha wolf) – Can recruit another player, but only after one of his compatriots dies. (2 shot)

2 Razzies Voters – They’re wolves.

11 Actors – Vanilla town. Your vote is your only power.  

1 Irate Actor – a specialized version of the vigilante with a special win condition. The Irate Actor’s ultimate goal condition is to kill the Razzie’s President, after which the Irate Actor will also die in a blaze of glory. If the Alpha Wolf dies under any other other circumstances, the Irate Actor will fail their win condition and perish. Note: the Irate Actor’s win condition won’t affect town’s or the scum’s.

1 Blogger – These good for nothing layabouts can read another player’s star power as a night action.


Player List:

  1. Forget It Jake
  2. Owen (I put you on the list because you’re still in class)
  3. Admirax
  4. Ynce Iche
  5. Captain Video
  6. Clodia
  7. Grumproro
  8. Colonel Mustard
  9. Smapti Jones
  10. the good king snugglewumps
  11. Mirage
  12. CaptainVideo
  13. DoctorNick
  14. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  15. AprilLudgate
  16. Mac
  17. LovelyBones
  18. Simon??
  19. Zecko
  20. E-Dog



1. Flaxon