“The Census of the Lambs” American Dad! S15 E3

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 3
The Census of the Lambs
Grade: B

For an episode premised on a throwaway Hannibal Lecter line, confused with Buffalo Bill, and further confused with Law & Order, the themes it had mostly worked. Stan’s census patriotism comes off more fresh than corny, especially given how the position nowadays would probably see the census as government tyranny.

Law & Order Fest was a great cold open, and the episode had a lot of energy to it, even if the jokes didn’t quite land. The little touches, like this being Kevin’s ‘second pit’ were great, as was Stan stumbling upon one of Roger’s personas (depicted in the header image).

…Not sure exactly what the writers were going for with Roger’s census character.

The less said about Klaus and Barry’s subplot the better.

Random Observations
• Every year.
• Franklin & Bash was canceled!
That’s disappointing!
I know I really liked it!