Olympic Winter Games 2/20 : The Ice Hockey World Holds Its Breath

Hello and welcome to new Olympic thread!

I know I didn’t have as much time to write and comment as I wanted to, but today I feel compelled to at least share few words here.

These Olympics were so far absolutely miraculous for me. From the incredible records broken, to the sportsmanship on display, from every smile and laugh to every fall and tear, it was all inspirational and very humbling. As a person who used to be much more active in sports, I already decided (and acted upon) going back and in my late 20s attempt to push myself again and this time even further. From the bottom of my heart, I have to thank these amazing athletes.

These Olympics also saw a great deal of progress… Although we can’t be absolutely sure of what will happen with Koreas the moment last athletes leave the area, it was certainly positive to see their teams compete. And while some people say that the “gayer and darker” games are somewhat of a problem… Well they can suck their collective youknowwhats, because no matter what way you swing, you are a goddamn great person and these people are also goddamn great athletes on top of that. From the bottom of my heart, I have to thank these amazing athletes yet again.

But now, for many nations, the truly important moment kicks off. The hockey nations are here, prepared to fight it out in the quarterfinals. Czechia, USA, Russia, Norway, Canada, Finland, Germany and Sweden will represent their nations in a sport that always feels like it matters the most – at least to majority of these nations. Decades old rivalries, no matter if serious or more winky-wink, will come be in full display. And it will be amazing.

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Thanks for covering for me, good luck to all the participating nations, no inverted tricks and see you in 4 hours!