The SnapCube Night Thread

As mentioned in today’s Day Thread, it takes a lot for a gaming YouTuber to get my subscription. They have to be doing something truly unique and special. They have to be the kind of person I would want as a friend. Sometimes, they have to be a muppet. But sometimes, just being a kindhearted person overflowing with joy is enough.

This is Penny.

She runs a channel called SnapCube. She also goes by the nickname “Bee,” and has in the past gone by a couple other names, including Judy and Jordan. Being relatively young, she has been exploring her identity throughout the channel’s yearlong lifespan, ultimately coming out as genderfluid. If you see different names come up in the older videos, that is why.

The reason her channel caught my eye, however, was the sheer amount of joy packed into every video. I came across a video of hers by chance; I’d been looking up footage of Puyo Puyo Tetris and happened to find a video in which she and a friend played it together. Something about their playful banter and casual silliness, even though all they were doing was a simple puzzle game (and were not even very good!), instantly charmed me. Listening to good friends laugh with each other is just very… therapeutic, especially if it’s been a tough day.

I don’t think any moment exemplifies this better than the one at 5:36 in this Portal video:

Other fun examples include her brief foray into Wizard 101, the ongoing randomized Nuzlocke run of Pokémon FireRed, and the time she tortured herself and a friend with the Bee Movie Game. The spontaneous extending singing competition that emerged from a game of Nidhog was pretty great, too.

I’d normally be a bit reserved in spreading word about a channel this small, run by someone this young. I wouldn’t want her to get unwanted attention. This community, though… it is genuinely one of the most kind and welcoming places I have ever found on the internet, and if I can trust anyone to be a good new audience for a teenage trans girl trying to develop an online presence, it’s you weirdos. ❤