RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3: Episode 4 Livewatch & Discussion Thread

Hey, kitty girls!

Last week’s episode had arguably one of the best acting challenges the show’s ever had, requiring the queens to improvise their way through a Bachelor parody with the dreamy Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. (Ben and Kennedy both did outstanding work; I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at Ben’s line about her implants not feeling temperature.)

The episode also had one of Drag Race’s all-time greatest runways, a wig-reveal themed runway inspired by Roxxxy Andrews, who remains here to make it clear. Almost all of the queens had terrific showings, but Aja’s stunning three-in-one anime-inspired look was perhaps the best of the night.

(Check out an interview with the designer of Aja’s look here.)

This week is the much-anticipated All Stars 3 edition of Snatch Game! How will Bebe and Trixie fare in their first-ever Snatch Game? Will Ben or Kennedy win the challenge after conquering Snatch Game in their previous seasons? Who will be the centre of attention now that Milk is expired gone?

Let’s find out!

As always, while these threads are for discussing the show, not everyone is able to watch the show at the same time. Therefore, topics like the top and bottom-placing queens, specific details about queens’ performance in the challenges, and the eliminated queen should be discussed using spoiler tags. It really does make things easier for people who discuss the show post-airing. In the eternal words of Tatianna, “Thank yew.”