“In All Seriousness” Thread–2/13/2018

First off, thanks to all who participated in last week’s thread and provided feedback. It was all very helpful and I was happy to see this idea get such a positive reception.

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day for many, as everyone rushes out to buy chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day. For some, it is a holiday of contentment over being in healthy relationship, ecstasy for those who are just starting to get going with a partner, and potentially lonely and awkward for those who have no one to date. This is why I try to see Valentine’s Day more as a celebration of love in a broader sense, of a day to simply tell our friends how much we respect them, in a way we’re all taught to treat the day while we’re all in grade school. But it’s also a day to be nice to yourself. So do yourself a favor tomorrow, whether it’s treating yourself to a lunch out, buying yourself a cup of coffee, or even sitting down to enjoy a candy bar. You deserve to love yourself. It’s sometimes the first step we have to take in order to allow others to love us.

Now,  if you missed last week’s thread, here’s a recap of what this is for: this is a place for “serious” discussions. As I said before, we have a Mental Health thread already, but this goes a little broader than that in terms of the subjects which can be talked about. And they don’t have to be “sad” things either. Sexuality, masturbation, concern of relatives and friends, other issues–all are fair game here.

So, without further ado, here are the guidelines (which are subject to change for future threads as this is still a new thing):

1. Be respectful. That goes without saying.

2. Keep discussions “serious.” We have plenty of other places to joke around around here, but sometimes people are in a place when they’re in a need for a hug instead of a yuk.

3. Try your best not to make anyone feel worse. In other words, if someone says “I’m worried Trump is going to start a war overseas,” don’t respond by saying, “Yeah, he’s definitely going to.”

4. If politics and/or religion are brought up, do not try to turn the conversation into a debate. We have other threads for that. This is a safe space and should please be treated as such.

5. I’m not a leader bean, so tend to the mods if there are any issues, but I’m pretty confident that everyone will be nice here (also, leader beans, if you have any “guidelines” suggestions, fire away!).

Well, that’s it. Have a lovely afternoon, and Happy Hearts Day!

Choose kind.