Werewolf LIII: White Star, Red Blood (SIGNUP THREAD)

On April 14th, 1912, at 11:40 PM local time, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg. Two hours and forty minutes later, she foundered, taking some 1,500 souls with her. It became the most notorious maritime disaster in history and remains an object of popular fascination even a century later.

But the hundreds who drowned, froze to death, or were crushed in the famous cataclysm were not the only people to die aboard Titanic that night.


Journey back to the most famous night in the history of sea travel and help put to rest the mystery of the grisly murders aboard the world’s largest ocean liner– or ensure that their secrets, like Titanic herself, vanish beneath the waves forever.

The time is now 7:00 PM and Titanic’s last sun is setting.

The Rules:

This game makes use of a few specialized roles and items, as well as several factions, distinct from the basic town/wolf/serial killer alignment. All are welcome, but it may be advisable to have some experience. Rather than conventional “day” phases, each new thread will represent one of the Titanic’s final hours.


Crew: Live or die, the crew wins if the passengers do. With two exceptions (the Serial Killer and the Blackmailer), only crew members will be assigned a role. The crew all know who one another are.

First class: First class wins if more members of the First Class faction survive than members of the Steerage faction.

Steerage: It’s everyone for themself in third-class, each steerage player wins only if they individually survive.

Crew Roles:

The Signal Officer: The signal officer may listen in on the murderers, receiving 1-5 messages from the murderers’ QT at any time.

The Master At Arms: Each night The Master of Arms will gift a player a one shot Vigilante power. That player can use their power on any night going forward. A murderer will not be able to receive this power. Power cannot be gifted to the same player on consecutive nights.

The Housekeeper: Every hour, the housekeeper will clean the stateroom of one passenger, and if they are a murderer will discover evidence of that fact. In essence, this is the detective by another name.

Scum roles:

Serial killer: As usual for these games

Blackmailer: Each night the Blackmailer may choose one player whose role (if any) they will attempt to block. They may not choose the same player to block twice in a row.


The Spyglass: Due to an oversight, the lookout’s binoculars were accidentally forgotten when the ship put into port at Queenstown, Ireland. However someone has since managed to finagle this toy spyglass from a child in Second Class and get it up to the crow’s nest. If the player currently holding the spyglass dies, or if they choose to activate it after the bell tolls the hour, then Titanic strikes an iceberg and begins sinking. She will sink in three hours’ time, killing everyone still aboard the ship. Each player can only hold the spyglass for a single night. At the end of the night phase, they must name a player who has not had the spyglass yet to pass it to– if no such person remains in the game, then the spyglass activates automatically.

The Heart of the Ocean: One random passenger is carrying this blue diamond necklace. When the clock strikes 8 (i.e. during night phase 1) they must give it to one other player of any faction, designating the two of them as True Lovers. If one lover is lynched or murdered, the other keels over from grief and dies. If the ship sinks, the lovers may choose one of the pair to guarantee survival regardless of whether they are picked by a lifeboat or not. True Lovers’ loyalty to one another outweighs any concerns of class or station; each wins if the other survives.

The Sinking Ship

Once the iceberg is struck, the captain will order what few lifeboats there are launched. Up to two will be launched per hour at varying times, each with enough capacity for two people. A random group of 3 to 5 players will be available to send, and the whole group will decide among themselves within a certain time frame through upvotes which two get to go. The two players chosen get to decide privately in their QTs if they want to kill the other player. If both players decide to kill one another, who succeeds will be decided randomly. Once you are on a lifeboat, you are effectively out of the game– you can no longer vote, or be killed by anyone other than your boatmate. Faithful lovers will not get on the boat unless their lover does too. Anyone who is not on a lifeboat by the end of the final hour of sinking dies.

Ship’s Manifest

1x SIGNAL OFFICER (Crew Eavesdropper)

1x HOUSEKEEPER (Crew Detective)

1x MASTER AT ARMS (Crew Master Of Arms)

1X SAILOR (Vanilla Crew)



2x MURDERERS (Vanilla Scum)

1x BLACKMAILER (Scum Roleblocker)


Active Players

  1. Capt.LindsayFunke
  2. Little Miss Giggle Fits
  3. TCRM/Terrence Coleridge Roland Merrington the 3rd
  4. LetItSnowen1120 (?)
  5. Spookyfriend
  6. Captain Video
  7. Clodia
  8. Subsaharan/Sub Johnson
  9. Sheltie- der König
  10. Spiny Creature
  11. Smapti Jones
  12. MacCrocodile/Mr. Crockefeller
  13. Grumproro
  14. Admirax/Molly Brown
  15. Otakunomike
  16. The Love Doctor Nick
  18. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  19. HolsGG
  20. Lovely Bones


  1. Forget_It_Jake
  2. Annanomally in Hawkins
  3. Mello Yello Enthusiasst
  4. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer