Sports Corner: January 7

Hats off to the Eagles on their first Super Bowl title. Some game, wasn’t it?  (OK, as I have noted before, I have a rather ambivalent feeling about football, and don’t actually watch it anymore – and Patrick Chung playing with a concussion only remind me of why I am not much of a fan – but it was still a pretty great game.) The days when the Super Bowl is routinely a boring blowout seem to be over.  The days when the Patriots are seen as invincible certainly are.  (Truth be told, though, the Pats could have and should have lost their last two Super Bowl titles.)

With the football season over, we can now talk about:

  • The NBA trade deadline
  • The continuing lack of free agent signings in baseball
  • College basketball in the regular season homestretch
  • And of course, the Winter Olympics

As ever, all sports topics are welcome.