Sex & Relationships: Celebrate Good Times! Tell Me Your Positive Sex/Romance Stories!!

Man, there’s a lot of “bad sex” in the world! A lot of gross people and a lot of icky idiots messing things up. THAT SUCKS! And not in the good way!

But sex can also be A-MAZ-ING. It can be a really awesome expression of real love and amazing sensation and exploring yourself and exploring people you care about and blowing your mind and blowing your junk!

What’s the best sexual/romantic experience you’ve ever had? The coolest, most fulfilling, most exciting, most intimate, most loving — whatever! You get to decide what “sexual/romantic” means and you get to decide what “best” means. It could be an enthusiastic Cincinnati Skyline 5-way. It could be a perfect moonlit walk. Only you know what that perfect event was and only you know why it was perfect! Share it with us, as much as you are comfortable.

Or talk about something else. We’re game. This is a party, not a homework assignment! Loosen up, have a drink, and lets the fingers fly across the keyboard (and anywhere else they are allowed!)