Psychonauts Night Thread

So I originally wrote something else for this thread. But my day sucked and I did not feel like doing any editing. So instead I am just going to ramble about something I like for a minute then call it good. One of my favorite video games is Psychonauts. I love everything about it. The writing, the humor, the characters, the story, the style, the game-okay not the game play it hasn’t aged well in that regard.


The games basic story is you play as Rasputin, this guy.

Raz.0 (1)

He is a kid who has psychic powers and has ran away from the circus to summer camp to become a Psychonaut. Its a a government agent that uses psychic powers. Long story short he finds strange, but fun characters  and an evil plot he must uncover and stop, you basic summer camp things.


The entire game is about diving into other minds for each level. They are all different looking and imaginative. Be it a 60’s go-go dance hall, black velvet painting, a board game based on the Battle of Waterloo, one where you are a kaiju like monster, or the most quotable level the one inside the mind of a obsessed conspiracy  believer. You go into their minds to get info out of them or  to help them move on from whatever their problems are. Which is a big reason I love this game. Back when it was released it was one of the few games where you ended up helping people not hurting or killing them. Every person you dealt with you would end up helping and leaving them in a better place mentally then when you met them. It was really cool to see empathy and helping in a game back then.


Have fun posting tonight.