Video Game Science: SWAT 4

Hello! Welcome to the third episode of Video Game Science! A series in which we EMPIRICALLY examine old(er) less popular video games! This week I’m joined by the dynamic duo- Merve and Radio Cat! And we’re playing SWAT 4!

SWAT 4 is a tactical FPS in which you play as the leader of a SWAT unit. It came out on PC in 2005, a time in which, as Merve put it, FPS games forgot how to make your character jump and focused on the action.

And boy howdy, there’s a LOT of action to be had in SWAT 4. You scream at people. You slice the pie (not literal pie, but… maybe also that?). You use advanced technology to break into houses and supermarkets and churches, with flashbangs and cool cameras that can slide through closed doors. You pepper spray people. You scream some more. You shoot people (which you shouldn’t do too often). You pepper spray ’em. You handcuff civilians and criminals alike. You uncover satanist cults. You arrest serial killers and rescue the victims.

Did I mention using the pepper spray and shouting?

Because you do that.

A lot.

You also command your team and give them simple orders. You can get pretty granular with these orders and micromanage the shit out of everyone, but you also can just use the context-sensitive commands and relax. So if tactics are not your jam, don’t worry about it, the game is still fun and completely beatable even if you don’t bother with most of that stuff. Take it from me! I don’t get tactics or strategy at all, and I like this game!

Now, it’s easy to be an asshole in SWAT 4. Pepper spray innocent people when it is not needed, punch a pastor in the face, shoot terrorists in the knees when it’s totally uncalled for, scream at Jesus to drop his weapon, and so on. But you won’t get the highest rating acting like an idiot. It’s still fun to do those things though.

And terrible. Don’t do that. Don’t be like me. It’s terrible.

Now watch me do all of these things in the video (apologies for the blown out audio):

Disclaimer: we had goofy fun here, but hey, there’s a part where we’re screaming at Jesus, pepper spraying people, including an old, innocent lady (which I joke about at the end of the video), punching people in the face, and so forth. Generally, awful, awful behavior which I do not approve of when it comes to police work, or anywhere in reality for that matter. And also there’s a serial killer/kidnapping mission somewhere there, be warned.