Counterpart S1E3: “The Lost Art of Diplomacy”

No real review tonight, I’m afraid: I had a couple of drinks with dinner, and I am lacking the mental capacity to think critically about a show as dense as Counterpart. I may come back tomorrow evening and write something more, if I’m feeling up to it. For now, a few stray thoughts:

  • A devastating pandemic apparently hit the Other Side, which seems to have deeply affected everyone still living there. The big question is did our side actually have something to do with it? I’m guessing yes, but we’ll see.
  • This pandemic seems to have led the Other Side to surpass ours in biotech, while we’ve leapt ahead in computing technology. This also explains the 80s tech used by the agency, reducing the chances of the Other Side getting access to our technology.
  • It’s always nice to see Richard Schiff. He brings a nice sense of world-weariness to the bureaucracy that seems to be running things.
  • The twist of our Emily working with the other Howard makes a ton of sense. It was very coincidental that she was injured just weeks before all the events of the series started to kick off.
  • I’m looking forwards to seeing more of what’s going on with this unfolding plot. It’s hard to get a handle on who’s involved and what they want since we’re so early in the show, but I definitely get the sense that the writers have things mapped out well.