The Avocado

The Avocado Suggestion Thread

Can you improve paradise? Well, based on random comments that pop up on the OTs and SotC threads, there seems to be a general thought that you sure can. We’ve done the best we can to make this site as easily accessible and functioning to this community, but maybe you’ve come up with ideas on how to make it even better. If you have thought of ways that this site could improve, now’s your chance to share it. Bear in mind that this place is run entirely off the work of volunteers, so while we don’t like to just dismiss ideas, some are just not practical to ask someone to do in there spare time while others require some money to do (such as premium plugins). If you have found something you would like changed and already know of a WP plug in that would achieve that goal, please share a link to the plug-in page so we can check it out.