Riverdale S2E12 “Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the Divine” Liveblog



Last week on WWE Wednesday Night RAW Syrup, Special Agent Archie Andrews tried to get Mr. Lodge to like him by becoming a wrestler. He predictably sucked at it.

Jug Teller heard about Riverdale’s racist history (of course) of treating the natives like shit and stealing their land. He then used this as an excuse to rally against the Northside and pissed off Toni and her Gramps. Cheryl felt guilty because her family was involved (of course) so she joined the protest.

Betty wants her brother Dave Franco to teach her how to be a cam girl. This can only lead somewhere good.

Mayor McCoy who is as far as we know still schlupping Sheriff Keller has banned Josie from hanging out with Veronica for kind of unclear reasons.

Archie has started screening calls from possible hobo Mr. FBI. Maybe getting a very dumb teenager to help with a federal investigation was a mistake

Then the episode ended on a dramatic note:


personally i think it was that guilty looking kid with the hair

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