2017 Snubbies: The Voting

2017 has been the best-attended Snubbies yet, so thanks to everyone who voted and suggested films, performances, and categories. To celebrate this new level of engagement, every category suggested will be included in the 2017 Snubbies going forward. (Going backward, we’re going to stick with the pre-existing categories, as it’s hard enough to remember actors from the 1970s) Thanks also to @the_prighlofone for helping tally votes from a massive number of suggestions.

But it’s too early to be giving thank-you speeches, we still have to pick the winners! Below are our nominees in 17 categories. Upvote as many nominees as you feel are deserving. Winners will be announced next week, and will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee. The following week, we will continue our journey through film history with the 1979 Snubbies. But for now, here are your nominees: