Werewolves 51: Cryptography Day Two

All is going as planned. In an effort to ease you in, you have stumbled onto nearly all of my clues (considering you seemingly broke down every word of the post, I shouldn’t be too surprised) and I’m excited to see that some of you have the problem-solving ability down pat. I say some because… well you know who you are.  But hey, I really appreciate the effort of everyone.  Before we go any further, let’s check in with the Russian delegation to see how they are progressing.

They’re a bit cocky right now, but I’ll assure you that I will have the last laugh.  Also, I’m smart enough to have better passwords than ones with just five or eight letters.  Their will will be broken and if not, I’ll just fire a satellite at their building and blow ’em all up.

Today’s cultural recommendations are, in true AVC fashion, going to involve me recommending one game, one movie, one book, and one music thing.  First off is the game of Werewolf.  Actually, scratch that, you’re already playing that.  Maybe instead you’d like to play some sort of game that is keeping in the 1930s theme that the original gamerunner seemed so intent on.  Next up, we have a Jimmy Stewart biopic which may not be in the ’30s, but hey, for most of you it might as well have been released then since it’s older than any of you.  For a book, who am I kidding, none of you are going to go a book.  Maybe you can check out something by Agatha Christie such as the book that so few of you were familiar with when that gamerunner was doing his first game.  Her works are on message and in keeping with that 30s theme.  As for the music, how ’bout some late ’90s R&B/Soul music.

I also want to remind you all those hints on one day may not become relevant until another day.  It’s a cumulative effect.  Maybe one day will give you enough clues to catch a culprit, but don’t count on it.  So, if something feels useless one day, maybe the time has just not come for it to be used or maybe you have just let your imagination gone wild.  Maybe that day is today or tomorrow or who knows.  So, don’t despair, you’re doing well even if some of you are so off track that it brings a smile to my face.

Considering you are a bit ahead of schedule, I thought I’d give you a b-b-b-bonus clue and a super easy one at that.  105 162 144 305 221 163 342 200 223 116 151 143 157 154 141 163.  There you go.  If you can figure out what it’s trying to show you, I may give you another reward tomorrow.  I can be cruel, but I can also be kind.

And if all that isn’t cultured enough for you, enjoy the sounds of The Rite of Spring and just accept the impending doom you slugheads.  Oh, and you probably want to know who died.  Well after you all so callously lynched an innocent LibraryLass, a regular old townie, two more of you have joined them.  Another townie RobertPostsChild was gruesomely murdered, as if by some malicious animal.  Smapti Jones, on the other hand, was suspiciously dragged off with no body to be found.  A shame since he was an innocent townie as well.  May today and tonight go better for you murderous fools.

1. RobertPostsChild
2. forget_it_jake
3. MacCrocodile
4. Admirax
5. E-Dog
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. Lovely Bones
8. Terrible Renegade LibraryLass
9. Capt.LindsayFunke
10. Captain Video
11. Smapti Jones?
12. Doctor Nick
13. Subsaharan
14. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
15. Candide
16. LetItSnowen1120
17. spookyfriend
18. HolsATuringFanGirl
19. Tobias Morpheus
20. Spiny Creature