The Weekend Politics Thread Doesn’t Mind if It Does

♪ I am a human being
And I don’t believe all the things I’m seeing
I’ve got nowhere to hide anymore
I’m losing my way

I am an angel
I booked in here, I came straight from Hell
And I don’t know how to lie anymore
I’m boozing to pray ♪
— Pete Townsend, “I Am an Animal”

Animal, vegetable, human, angel. Over the course of his second song on his first solo album, Pete Townsend evolves through different ways of perceiving the world as he attempts to drink away his ability to perceive. Giving the lie to any claim of progress toward his questionable goal, Townsend goes from bravado to surrender in four lines of the refrain

♪ I’m looking back, and I can’t see the past
Anymore, so hazy
I’m on a track, and I’m travelling so fast
Oh, for sure I’m crazy ♪

Your humble WPT host took his last drink of alcohol 46 months, 5 days, and 21 hours ago, but damn if Uvular can think of a better way to have experienced the first — and pray to God, last — year of the Trump presidency than Townsend’s equal parts dipsomaniacal, cross-species, and Quixotic dive into denial. Practically each hour revealed a new betrayal of liberal democratic norms and flouting of the rule of law. Yet, no matter how maddening reality became, the truthtellers found themselves cast in the role of crazy men and women.

The oh-my-God-not caramel, not caramel at all swirl atop the soylent green smoothie arrived officially just before 2 am on January 20, 2018, when White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mike Mulvaney issued a memorandum confirming the partial shutdown of the federal government. Cue Charlton Heston again, this time pounding sand and wailing about maniacs blowing it all up.

Things could get worse, one supposes. But why borrow trouble. Make trouble. Join a Women’s March 2018 in your area. Support a worthy Democrat’s campaign. Vote in November. Never pretend any of this counts as normal or acceptable. Raise your fist and march around and go take what you need.

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*Note the lack of footnotes. The past 365 days of political commenting finally broke Uvular’s sense of forced whimsy.